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About Lone Star Automated Systems, Inc.

Turnkey Material Handling Systems

LONE STAR AUTOMATED SYSTEMS, INC., (Lone Star), was formed in 1992 from an idea conceived by its principles years before. Realizing that there was a void with regard to competent and experienced materials handling systems integrators, Lone Star organized itself and immediately began proving this theory from its first major project. Response has been favorable and extremely well received, as our customers recognized a useful and necessary element that was heretofore missing in the process of bringing their material handling system concepts to life.

From the very beginning, we have provided our customers with services ranging from the whole job to any part of it, including equipment, design, project management, installation, or controls. We began with the simple theory that the industrial community was in dire need of what we were able to provide. Our knowledge of material handling systems, as well as our dedication to providing the best service and equipment available, gave our customers the additional help and expertise they needed in designing and implementing their systems.

We have found that our customers have come to appreciate the way we involve ourselves with every aspect of their way of doing business, our straightforwardness in regard to materials handling theory and design, as well as our empathy for their tough (and sometimes seemingly impossible) jobs.

As we have matured, the engineering segment of our business has evolved into one of our strongest attributes. Clients requiring assistance in design and project management have utilized our talents for integration of new production lines as well as modifications and upgrades to existing lines. Our track-record of consistent performance while working inside tight production downtime windows has strengthened our reputation for successful on-time project implementation.

The experience level of our staff affords us a respected position in the marketplace, and has allowed our designers to develop many successful projects. The satisfaction and repeat business of our clients best expresses the quality of our work. As a result, Lone Star Automated Systems, Inc. is exceeding its long term growth plan.

As we continue to grow, we feel that we will now be able to offer our services to many more potential clients than ever before, both nationally and internationally, thus establishing ourselves as one of the best materials handling groups available.

Lone Star's Mission

Dedicated to providing specialized integrated design services and material handling products with demonstrated superior technical and engineering skill.