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Gravity Sections from Lone Star Automated Systems

Gravity or a non-powered conveyor is the most basic type conveyor. Applications can consist of a single unit or a complete system comprised of many units.

Gravity conveyor rollers.

Gravity conveyors consist of either wheel or roller conveyors. A wheel conveyor is constructed of a series of wheels mounted on a common axle supported in a channel frame (see Figure 1). A roller conveyor is constructed of metal tubing with bearings pressed into each end with the roller mounted on a hex axle supported in either a channel or angle frame (See Figure 2). The product is transported directly on either wheels or rollers.

Gravity wheel and roller conveyors are ideal for moving most unit loads that have a firm, flat bottom surface.

These conveyors are used to transport items either on a level push line or gravity pitched line. The level push line requires manual assistance to move the items on the conveyor; some examples are assembly, staging, and sorting operations. The most common use of a non-powered conveyor is a gravity pitched line.

The pitch of the conveyor is set so that no manual assistance is required to move items. Some examples are loading and unloading trucks and storage accumulation.

Non-powered conveyors are less expensive than other type conveyors. Normally, wheel conveyor will cost less than roller conveyor.

Conveyors are available in a variety of sizes including many stock models. They can be used in either permanent or portable applications. Installation is not complicated and can be accomplished without experienced conveyor installers.

The simplicity of design and cost advantages offered by non-powered conveyors should be given consideration for all floor conveyor applications.

Flexible Gravity Skatewheel Conveyor

Skatewheel gravity conveyor.Flexible gravity skatewheel conveyors are proven performers for trailer loading and unloading and are ideally suited for packaging, shipping, and flexible assembly lines. Other applications include work in process lines, value added operations, and temporary lines.

Flexible Gravity Roller Conveyor

Gravity roller conveyor.Flexible roller conveyors are excellent for handling boxes, bags, and low grade corrugated cartons that are not conducive to being handled on skatewheel conveyor.