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Process Heating Equipment from Lone Star Automated Systems

Our industrial ovens are available for service up to 1200°F in natural gas, propane, electric, steam, and thermal fluid heat. We offer standard units in a wide range of size combinations that meet the specific needs of the end user. Our conveyor ovens set the industry standard for heavy duty construction, in a cost effective, continuous process oven.

Batch Ovens

Our walk-in ovens are the most versatile of all standard configurations. Walk-in ovens are available with either dual or horizontal airflow; these models are best suited for processing large parts or material on carts or racks. Standard units are available with work-spaces from 80 to 1000 cubic feet and are shipped factory tested and fully assembled.

Our cabinet ovens feature horizontal air flow for processing small or flat parts on shelves or trays. Standard models are available from 8 to 64 cubic feet and are offered in either top or bottom mounted heat chambers.

Continuous Conveyor Ovens

Our conveyor ovens set the industry standard for heavy-duty construction in a cost effective, continuous process oven. A variety of pre-engineered conveyors, including wire mesh belt, slat, chain, and pan conveyors, allow Lone Star Automated Systems, Inc. to provide a conveyor oven to suit most any continuous process heating application.

55 Gallon Drum & IBC Heating Cabinets

In addition to general purpose industrial ovens, our product line is also recognized as the industry leader in 55-gallon drum and intermediate bulk container (IBC) heating equipment. Standard models accommodate from 1 to 32 drums or up to (8) 350 gallon IBC tanks. With the introduction of the 55-gallon drum Heating Tunnels and the high humidity oven, we continue to lead the industry in drum and IBC heating technology. We also offer drum rotators for use on standard models.