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Automated Guided Vehicle Systems from Lone Star Automated

Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AVGs) are robotic transporters that will automatically move material throughout your facility in a timely, safe and highly flexible manner.

AGV solutions are available with laser navigation. These wireless guidance systems provide more options and greater flexibility to our solutions for our clients ever changing AGV and business needs.

AGV Applications

AGV systems provide reliable horizontal transportation when space is at a premium and flexibility is critical. For example:

Food & Beverage

High throughput and small traffic areas are common in the food and beverage industry. Dual load handling vehicles are best suited to move loads from palletizers directly to the shipping docks or within warehousing operations.


Moving products to or from work cells in a timely manner is an optimal use for an AGV. A shuttle or fork style vehicle can deliver the load to a static interface point, saving the customer the cost of powering stands in a work cell.


Transportation of raw materials as well as finished product is typical in this industry. Controlled transportation and product identification, as well as safe movement throughout the facility, are key to AGV installations.


The automotive industry utilizes AGVs in a number of applications. Many assembly plants now install AGVs as the build deck for their new model cars and trucks. Other sites use AGVs to deliver parts and kits to the assembly line, ensuring that the stations never stop the process.


Movement of finished goods and bulk materials to and from a warehouse is easily accomplished with dual conveyor, lift deck or fork type vehicles. Configurations allow for transportation of 1-4 loads at a time.

Roll Handling

Awkward rolls of paper, plastics or textiles are easily and safely handled by AGVs . Handling these rolls by the core, "eye to the sky" or on the bilge will drastically reduce the opportunity for product damage.