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Vertical Conveyors from Lone Star Automated

The vertical conveyor is a discontinuous product elevator that excels in robustness and requires minimal maintenance. Its steel structure is extremely stable under all circumstances.

By using a flat belt the vertical conveyor is completely silent in it's movement. Moreover, a flat belt of this type almost has no maintenance. No lubrication and tension in comparison to chain driven system is needed anymore.

High speed vertical conveyor description

The high speed vertical conveyor is a continuous product lift with the surprisingly low price tag of a discontinuous conveyor. The module-based offers a maximum capacity of 3,000 products per hour and is particularly versatile.

This energy-efficient product lift can be used to effortlessly and quickly transport a wide variety of products, including boxes, cases, trays or bags, to and from any height you require.

What is more, the elevator system can be used for both ascending and descending product flows and is even suitable for use as a vertical sorter.

Efficient vertical transport

The lift can easily hoist boxes, trays, boxes, crates, boxes or bags weighing up to 100kg lift. The vertical conveyor is ideally suited for applications where maximum capacity of approximately 300 movements per hour is needed. Its compact design, uses relatively just little floor space.

All this together makes the vertical conveyor an extremely efficient and economical solution for your vertical transportation.