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Bottle Unscramblers from Lone Star Automated

  • Moderate speed plastic bottle & cartridge unscramblers
  • New generation high-speed plastic bottle unscrambler with the smallest footprint in the industry
  • No reciprocating motions, complicated mechanisms or hard to adjust container handling parts eliminates any need for adjustments, significantly minimizes maintenance downtime and carry a 3-year warranty!

Bottle Unscambler Operation

Bottles slide gently on to a fixed stainless steel cone and are positioned on the circumference of the unscrambler.

From here, bottles are selected by Lifters that convey them smoothly to the upper part of the unscrambler. In this way the bottles avoid being re-scrambled and knocked about due to the high relative velocities typical of other technologies.

The fast speed unscramblers carry out this operation up to 4 times per machine cycle, allowing 4 bottles to be positioned vertically on the carousel underneath in the space, which, in the upper part, is normally occupied by a single bottle lying down.

The efficiency of the unscrambler is further increased by the bottle extractor systems that remove (normally without stopping the machine) any damaged bottles that are conveyed to the unscrambler. Machines are constructed in stainless steel. Exceptionally high construction standards guarantee a solid design for continuous three-shift use, with very little maintenance required.

The Lifters, controlled by a mechanical system, ensure that bottles are smoothly hoisted during the sorting phase, allowing profiled or unstable bottles to be processed with zero scuffing. Loading is repeated on fast machines up to 4 times/cycle.

The two overlapped horizontal carousels turn at differentiated speeds. This, together with the Lifter system enables outputs – rotation speed of the unscrambler being equal – up to 4 times greater than those obtained using traditional technology.

Vacuum Starwheel

Bottle unscambler starwheel.This system actually increases the efficiency of the unscrambler.  It reduces any possibility of a bottle jam between the outfeed of the unscrambler to the starwheel and between the starwheel transfer to the air or table-top conveyor. An added advantage is that, within certain limits, the starwheel need not be substituted when changing the bottle size to be handled. This starwheel runs without any counterguides.

Bottle unscrambler starwheel.

Cartridge Unscrambler

Cartridge unscambler.Automatically sort and feed cartridges (fiber or plastic tubes for caulking compounds, lubricants, etc.) from a random bulk supply.