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Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Storage and Retrieval Machines (SRMs) provide automated buffering, staging and transportation of pallets, cases, bulk product or totes.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) technology minimizes labor and required floor space while maximizing the utilization of existing vertical space. These machines handle a wide range of loads and provide the latest in mechanical structures for extended life.

AS/RS Technology in Today's Business Environment

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems continue to be a strategic weapon of choice for successful companies around the globe. To reduce staffing, improve performance and maintain accuracy, mission critical facilities use AS/RS in a broad variety of applications including:


Modern applications of AS/RS in a production environment provide sequencing, work-in-process (WIP) storage and just-in-time (JIT) part delivery with perfect inventory accuracy.

Archival & Security

The need for very dense inaccessible storage with quick retrieval time has many university libraries turning to AS/RS technology. This technology stores vaults and valued material in a highly secure, environmentally controlled automated warehouse.


AS/RS technology provides a controlled environment for component storage and electronic burn-in processes. The system can provide automatic electric connections, time the process and move it to the next operation without manual input. Variance data can be easily collected and analyzed for process improvements.

Food & Beverage

From complex order selection systems to huge 250,000+ full pallet unit load systems, AS/RS provide creative solutions for food & beverage manufacturers and grocery distribution in environments that range from wet to dry and ambient to frozen.

Conventional Warehousing

Businesses are finding storage and retrieval machine a great value when automating their conventional racking systems. AS/RS technology can now be applied to your existing warehouse as well as it handles pallets in the fork pockets and interfaces with standard post & beam rack.