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Pallet Handling Conveyors

Chain Drive Live Roller (CDLR) conveyors can handle heavier loads than belt driven live roller conveyors because the driving force is more positive than that of belt. Chain Driven Live Roller conveyors are also used in applications where oil or other contaminants would have an adverse effect on belting.

Typical Applications:

Transportation - Heavy unit loads such as pallets

Accumulation - When heavy loads need to be accumulated this conveyor can be designed to index accumulate or accumulate by cascading the loads.

Zero pressure pallet accumulation is accomplished with chain driven live roller conveyors that provide automatic accumulation by zones between pallets. Zones can be controlled with either mechanical or photo-eye sensors.

Chain Transfers

Chain transfers are used to move unit loads on and off the CDLR conveyor at right angles to the direction of travel. The load is supported and conveyed by powered chains, which raise and lower between the companion CDLR rollers via an air-cylinder/cam lift mechanism (or airbag lift mechanism).

Chain driven live roller.
Chain Driven Live Roller
Pallet handling transfer car.
Transfer Car
Pallet handling transfer in-frame.
Pallet handling transfer thru-frame.
Pallet handling transfer-frame pivot.
(Thru-Frame) Pivot Style
Pallet handling powered turntable.
Powered Turntable