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Packaging Fillers from Lone Star Automated

Lone Star capabilities provide for the filling and capping of containers of virtually any kind of liquid, free-flowing powder, or granulated product.

  • Ground Coffee Fillers
  • Liquid Fillers
  • Powder Fillers
  • Volumetric Fillers

Net-Weigh Fillers

The advanced Net-Weight Filler offers the most accurate means of filling a majority of liquid products. This protects from over and under fills, assuring the correct amount of product every time. Load-cells weigh each empty container tracking their quality. The capability to weigh each filled bottle gives the producer statistical data to validate process control. Containers that do not meet the pre-selected targets are rejected automatically. Net-weight filling ensures the target weight can be met regardless of variations in volume due to temperature or density changes.


Cappers are available as stand alone units or as an integral part of a filling system and fit virtually any cap size/configuration and filler speed requirement. Cappers are available in several styles including mechanical (magnetic), electronic, and pneumatic - each providing different control of the capping head.

Powder Fillers

  • Servo driven auger fillers
  • Rotary Auger Fillers for accurate high speed applications
  • Coffee Fillers for moderate and high speed applications
  • Volumetric in-line cup fillers
  • Volumetric continuous motion, rotary high speed systems
  • Automatic fill weight control
  • 3-A dairy option

Aerosol Fillers

  • Inline and Monoblock rotary indexing design suitable for aerosol products with flammable or non-flammable liquefied propellants and CO2 impact charging.

CFT Packaging Fillers 1 (PDF)

CFT Packaging Fillers 2 (PDF)